We know you create great events. We have an idea how to turn it into experience, which will remain in the participant’s memory for a long time and raise their well-being not only during, but also after the event.

Mobile massage is a massage performed during the event, conference or workshop, without the special preparations. It is effective and lasts on average 10-20 minutes.

Benefits for you? Satisfied, optimistic participant of the event, which translates into better rating of the event. Benefits for the participant? Immediate relaxation and release from everyday tensions.



Events, workshops and conferences usually have a predictable formula. The sedentary mode of such events is not conducive to efficient processing of their content. It is worth taking care of the elements that will make your event stand out and will bring additional value to participants. Mobile massages will help:

  • stimulate the concentration and involvement of participants
  • relax, which translates into an overall level of satisfaction
    with the events
  • introduce the original variety to the event plan
  • build the image of a company that promotes health and balance in life.

How is it done?

  • very easy – a small room or a separate area is needed min. 1.5 m2 to place a massage chair in it,
  • mobile – we will come to an event, conference or workshop that you run, massage is done through the clothing,
  • massage is conducted by qualified therapists and massage technicians,
  • we maintain the highest standards of hygiene and safety,
  • duration of the massage up to 10-20 minutes, depending on your preferences, expected effects and circumstances of the massage,
  • point – the masseur focuses on the most overloaded parts of the body: neck, back, arms, hands,
  • we support several work stations, hence we are able to provide effective service even for a limited time (coffee break, networking).

For whom?

for all event participants – as a break in the program,
for speakers – as an aid to the relaxation process, an element of mindfulness practice and releasing stress related to occurrence,
for creative teams – to stimulate creative and abstract thinking, launched at the time of relaxation and detachment from known tasks,
for programmers, financiers, graphic designers – as a way to minimize pain and discomfort associated with constant sitting position.


What else?

  • mobile massage is a healthy alternative to a coffee or cigarette break,
  • during the massage we give physiotherapeutic advice and teach good habits,
  • we can complement the massage with a short talk – meeting with event participants on health habits and keeping in shape every day,
  • massages can be performed in parallel by several masseurs,
  • each participant is informed about the course and effects of the massage and conducted he has a basic medical history to choose the best massage technique.


How much it costs?

There are many options on the market-why us?

We are an experienced company from the Wellness services sector, providing mobile SPA
and massage services for individual and corporate clients. We work with international
and VIP clients and the effects of massage are just as important to us as comfort
and safety during therapy.
We understand business needs and try to help organizations build a real, healthy one
ties with employees and clients.


If you have questions, you would like to talk to us or ask for a quote
– please contact:

+48 503 633 903 | kontakt@book-a-balance.pl


In the inquiry, please provide information about:
• the estimated number of people using the massage,
• the frequency with which massages would take place (one-off event or series of events),
• the duration of the massage,
• location.