Zuzanna is not only a fifth-year student of Tourism and Recreation at the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow but also a passionate advocate for psychosomatic renewal. Her specialization encompasses a wide range of skills, including Chinese cupping massage, hot stone therapy, and myofascial self-massage. Zuzanna also demonstrates proficiency in classical, relaxation, and therapeutic massage techniques.

From childhood, dance and massage have been integral parts of her life, igniting her passion and bringing her joy. In her free time, she cares for her dogs and engages in physical activities. Additionally, she loves traveling and exploring, allowing her to discover new places and cultures, further enriching her life experiences. Zuzanna exudes positive energy and dedication to her work and passions, making her not only a talented student but also an inspiring individual.

Pavlo is a talented massage therapist whose passion for his work is reflected in his carefully acquired education and rich experience. He graduated from Massage School in Krakow and completed a specialized course in deep tissue massage. His specialization lies in providing relaxation, classic, and deep tissue massages.

During his free time, Pavlo unwinds by playing volleyball and indulging in his hobbies such as watching movies, playing board games, and skiing. His diverse interests and active lifestyle complement his skills in his profession, making Pavlo not only a skilled therapist but also an engaging and energetic individual.

Grzesiek is a graduate in Biotechnology with a specialization in Applied Biotechnology and Agroeconomy from the University of Agriculture in Krakow. He also completed his education at the Massage Technical School. Additionally, he has undertaken courses in Deep Tissue Massage, Kinesiotaping for Masseurs, and Kobido Massage.

Grzesiek is an experienced specialist in the field of massage, with rich experience in various massage techniques, including classical therapeutic, relaxation therapeutic, sports, as well as manual lymphatic drainage and segmental massage. He also possesses skills in cosmetic massage, kobido, and using hot candle and hot stones, covering various parts of the body, including the head, feet, and hands.

As a long-time employee of an international pharmaceutical company, Grzesiek has not only gained professional experience but has also deepened his knowledge of health and medicine. In his free time, he enjoys being active, engaging in gym workouts, swimming, or reading books. His interests span broadly across medicine, massage, healthy lifestyle, biotechnology, pharmacy, dietetics, and new technologies. He is someone who not only hones his professional skills but also is passionate about learning and developing in the areas of health and technology.

Julia is a talented massage therapist whose path to professional mastery has been paved with diligent education and the acquisition of valuable skills. She completed a therapeutic massage course at Reflex-Med in Krakow and obtained her education at Cosinus School, also in Krakow. Additionally, Julia enhances her expertise through a Japanese facial massage course at Żak, also in Krakow.

Her specialization includes classical, therapeutic, and relaxation massage. Julia deeply believes that massage is not only a physical intervention for the body but also a relaxation for the soul. With Julia’s gentle touch, soothing music, and aromatic scents, every client can quickly unwind and relax. Her dedication and care for the well-being of her clients make every massage session with Julia an unforgettable relaxation experience.

Abigail is a person with many passions and skills. Enthusiastic about yoga, cooking, and books, she creates a harmonious life by combining these areas.

Since 2021, she has been an experienced masseuse, acquiring skills first in Silesia and later in Krakow. With a secondary education and completed courses in massage and biological renewal, including hot stone massage, Abigail is not only an expert in the field of massage but also an inspiring individual, striking a balance between her passions and professionalism.

Gienek, a talented massage therapist, developed his skills through diligent education and participation in courses and workshops. He graduated from the Gloker School in Krakow, specializing in massage therapy with physiotherapy. Additionally, he completed a relaxation massage course at the Manual Academy in Krakow and attended the MTG Integration workshop on acute lower back pain in Rzeszow, organized by the Rafał Uryzaj Training Center. His commitment to continuous skill improvement reflects his concern for the well-being of his clients.

Gienek is passionate about providing relaxation, classic, and deep tissue massages. In his free time, he enjoys cooking regional cuisine, running with his dog in the nearby landscape park, and spending time with his family.